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virtual data room

IT Dept. develops  ad hoc IT systems for every management need of the asset and provides a DATA ROOM for the management and storage of data, personalized in accordance with Clients requests.

The virtual data room, shared web platform, is configured and customized according to customer requirements, with a user profiling of the type: administrator - user (collaborator) - guest.
The Data Room is hosted on servers in the datacenter of CBRE London, with replica mirrors in Madrid and all data and documents are subject to periodic back up.
The System and Data Base Administrator is available to offer advice and help desk using the Data Room.

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Via Alberto Brasili 91
41122 Modena – Italia
Tel. +39 059 2924811
Fax +39 059 355076

Uffici Milano:
Piazza degli Affari, 2
20123 Milano - Italia
tel. +39 02 99746000
fax +39 02 99746030

Uffici Roma:
Via Leonida Bissolati, 76
00187 Roma - Italia
Tel +39 06 45238501
Fax +39 06 45238568

Uffici Torino:
Palazzo Paravia - P.zza Statuto, 18
10122 Torino - Italia
Tel +39 011 2272901
Fax +39 011 2272905

Sede Legale Modena
R.E.A. MO 369371
Reg. Impr. Mo
C.F./P.I. 03225010366
Cap.Soc. 100.000€ i.v.
PEC cbre.mo.accounting@legalmail.it


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