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Personal data treatment - Law n. 196/2003.

We wish to inform you that all procedure concerning gathering and treatment of your personal data guarantees you all principles of honesty, transparency and tutelage of your privacy and your rights.

Gathering and treatment of your personal data are done in the aim to carry out the following actions:
* marketing and advertising
* sending advertising material concerning the company
* statistical analysis for marketing purposes
* informing about different events and promotions

Giving us your data.
It is not compulsory to give us your personal data, and there is no consequence if you do not want to give them to us, apart from the impossibility to use services offered by CBRE Srl

How we use your personal data.
Personal data treatment will be carried out through different means (authomatic and not), but always in the full respect of privacy and safety required by the law. All data will not be given to other people.

Owner of treatment.
The owner of personal data treatment is CBRE Srl, which has its head office in Via Alberto Brasili 91, 41122 Modena.


As I read the above information, I give my consent to use my personal data for the mentioned purposes. I'm aware that, if I do not accept to give my personal data, I will not be able to register myself and to take advantage of the services supplied by CBRE Srl
As I give my consent to use my personal data, I also state that the data given during the relationship with CBRE Srl do correspond to the truth and therefore I will be held responsible for any mistake in the information given to the company.

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Via Alberto Brasili 91
41122 Modena – Italia
Tel. +39 059 2924811
Fax +39 059 355076

Uffici Milano:
Piazza degli Affari, 2
20123 Milano - Italia
tel. +39 02 99746000
fax +39 02 99746030

Uffici Roma:
Via Leonida Bissolati, 76
00187 Roma - Italia
Tel +39 06 45238501
Fax +39 06 45238568

Uffici Torino:
Palazzo Paravia - P.zza Statuto, 18
10122 Torino - Italia
Tel +39 011 2272901
Fax +39 011 2272905

Sede Legale Modena
R.E.A. MO 369371
Reg. Impr. Mo
C.F./P.I. 03225010366
Cap.Soc. 100.000€ i.v.
PEC cbre.mo.accounting@legalmail.it


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